Welcome to Defiance Publishing...

Defiance Publishing was born in 1994 through one man's determination to get one book published. A book that some British publishers described as;

"Too horrific for the general public."

The book is based on a true story and is entitled;

"A Reason for Living"
A Story that Shocked the World!
Billy Casper


Some British Authorities wanted the book banned from ever being made public and some British publishers were interested in publishing it but admitted to being afraid of publishing the book.

Billy was a determined man and wasn't going to be beaten. He believed the general public did have the right to read or at least have access to such a book but how does one man become an independant publisher?

"A Reason for Living" - A Story that Shocked the World! was already online, back in the early 1990's, in the form of web pages (HTML Documents). These documents were read by thousands of people from all over the world.

Billy received hundreds, if not thousands, of email from people from all walks of life, including Survivors of abuse and cruelty, and various professionals including Police Officers and Child Care professionals from all over the English speaking world.

Most of the emails and messages were in support of what he was doing. ~ He received only three complaints; all from British Social Services who didn't like what he was making so public... Their failings! Several of his early web-sites, in the days of dial-up connections, were closed down.

But as fast as they closed one down, there was another one; online. This was in the day when Newsgroups were extremely popular, before Facebook and Twitter, and these newsgroups were very busy and Billy subscribed and participated in several of them.

But how does one man become an Independant Publisher? How does one man do the entire job himself? From pen to paper, from keyboard to printer, from printer(s) to books? It wasn't easy and was expensive but it was worthwhile.

~ Failure was never an option. ~

It all started with a Post Office Box Address rented from the Royal Mail. This was to receive Snail-mail from all over the English Speaking World and gave Billy the ability to reply to these personal letters. It also started something that was never designed to be a business; Defiance Publishing.

Eventually, Billy discovered a little bit about ISBN numbers, terms used by publishers etc and printed the first 200 copies of his first edition. Most of these paperback books were sent, without profit, to people who wanted to read the book in book form.

Within two months all the books were gone, due to demand. Two months later Billy repeated the same thing; printed and had bound another 200 paperback books and most of these were also given away but some were sold but not for a profit...

I am Billy Casper and I had to finish the job that I'd started. ~ It was about never giving up, determination, and the never ending feeling that the public do have the right to read

"A Reason for Living" - A Story that Shocked the World!

This harrowing and compelling true story is currently online and available to read or download from this website. It is also available on Amazon as a Kindle download. The paperback book is also available to purchase from this website.


Prelims / Introduction

In June of 2013 a copy of;
"A Reason for Living" - A Story that Shocked the World!
was accepted by a Magistrate at Solihull Magistrates court
where the book has been added to the courts library!

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